Unique Workspaces Spark Creativity + Encourage Collaboration


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ruby Corp. is the world’s leading open-minded relationship company and owns and operates several innovative web-based dating services. Under new leadership in 2016, there was a shift to rebrand and transform the company. ruby’s subsequent restructuring and rapid growth led the company to look for new office space to accommodate their expansion. The new office design is intended to act as a tool to attract and retain talented millennial staff, to reflect a fresh face for the company, and to inject a sense of fun and energy into the workplace.

Headquarters for employees of various functions including business development, call centre representatives, and graphic designers, the space is designed to reflect ruby’s core values of inclusiveness and bold thinking, while also addressing the needs of the company’s diverse staff. To accommodate for collaboration across departments, the office can be reconfigured to allow cross-functional teams to come together for 90-day work sprints and then reassemble as needed.


Using carefully chosen furniture, a bold colour palette, commissioned art and installations, and other decorative elements, the ruby office space features both modern and timeless design elements with minimal details and a focus on technology. Workspaces accommodate for varying levels of privacy according to the function and needs of different employees including traditional private offices, seating areas with divisional panels, and open concept bench seating. Featuring distinct zones in addition to the workstation areas, the office includes spaces that contribute to a strong sense of work/life balance through fun environments that spark creativity, offer respite, and encourage collaboration.

Designed to feel separate from the office to provide an area for staff to retreat, regroup, and reinvigorate, The Lounge is a bar and recreation area accessible through a portal clad in bright red acoustical material to match the ruby brand. Central to the office is The Hub—a lounge area with residential furniture for a laid-back feel—used as a common gathering space for employees. Visible from all areas of the office, The Hub encourages staff to use the space for any number of purposes—whether it’s an informal meeting or a place to socialize.