Service Interior Design

Inspired interior design delivers an experience that seamlessly blends people, the environment, technology, and function.

Corporate Workplace

Culture is the most important factor in determining a company’s success. Focusing on people, we design healthy workplaces that facilitate a diverse range of work styles and preferences, encourage movement throughout the day, provide opportunities for collaboration, reflect the desired culture, and empower employees so they feel inspired and remain engaged. Understanding the user experience is the key to unlocking a company’s competitive advantage – translating into increased performance and productivity.

CHIL Interior Design

A global practice with the heart and soul of a boutique firm, we marry big picture vision with exacting execution to create unparalleled hospitality and residential experiences. CHIL Interior Design, the hospitality studio of B+H, lends the experienced hand of a highly-specialized studio to the firm’s global interior design team. This partnership allows us to deliver tailored hospitality and residential interiors and full-service architecture and design services. The result is an unparalleled experience that guests will distinctively associate with a client’s brand.

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