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Bell Canada Creekbank Phase 3

Project Photos

Working closely with Bell Canada, we explored their vision for the design of a Class A corporate facility to be integrated into their existing campus that, in its essence, disrupts the silos that can typically exist in large organizations. The design of this fourth building at their Creekbank location revolves around the idea of encouraging organic interaction and socialization among departments and between various levels of personnel and management.

By anchoring the site, this five-storey building is an integral component of the overall campus composition and creates a new home for executives from different locations. The building’s frontage along a main road features a motif of aluminum fins that creates a sense of movement and mimics the process of a company undergoing transformation. Linked directly to public transit, its location decreases car-dependency among employees. Additional conveniences include a Fitness and Wellness Centre, cafeteria and coffee shops, outdoor dining areas, shopping, and services. Tucking the parking underground, the design transforms what was once a sprawling outdoor lot into a one-hundred-hectare park including an outdoor skating rink connecting people and spaces to nature and activities.

Natural elements are drawn into the interior design of the building through green walls that rise adjacent to staircases accented with landings that act as piazzas—social spaces encouraging interaction. These Wi-Fi-connected areas provide additional flexible workspaces to allow people from different departments to connect over coffee and conversation. Various colour schemes are used throughout the interior to denote spaces and introduce a sense of dynamism among the clean lines and minimal details that define the design. Workspaces feature a mix of conventional office furniture layout and collaboration stations to address a broad spectrum of employee needs.