Reinventing A Company’s Image

Jackman Reinvents

Project Photos

Jackman Reinvents is a management consultancy and brand activation firm that develops strategies, identifies growth opportunities, and connects products and services to customers in innovative new ways. Having recently completed a merger and outgrown its existing spaces, Jackman chose to consolidate its operations and reinvent their image in 18,000 sq. ft. on two floors of an early 20th century post-and-beam space in downtown Toronto.

The project was a collaborative process with Jackman’s design team defining the guiding principles. The look of the space had to be ‘ABC’—Anything But Corporate—and it had to have ample collaborative space within an open work environment. Jackman’s staffers work long and hectic hours and the client wanted an environment that would feel homelike and comfortable. The kitchen was envisioned as both a relaxed gathering place and a hub of informal and interactive productivity.


We achieved maximum impact through selective intervention in our design, taking care to ensure its historical characteristics were both preserved and showcased. At the same time, we seamlessly integrated modern design features such as Jackman’s signature colour, “reinvention red,” which saturates every surface in the main stair that connects the two floors.

B+H delivered an interactive office space that’s clean and uncluttered with ample pin-up and marker surfaces. The Jackman team remained engaged by enlivening and adding character with friendly, unexpected focal points of reused elements, and found objects—such as a cozy nook containing a book-filled faux fireplace.