Making The Old New Again

Broadway Tech Centre

Project Photos

This unique pedestrian-oriented, high-tech campus consists of seven low-rise buildings. A redevelopment of an obsolete warehouse site, our design renovated the existing area as a platform for multiple LEED® buildings to create an expansive, modern office campus. Each building embodies a fusion of sustainable industrial design elements and urban functionality. This blend is apparent in exterior design details including industrial corrugated-metal siding combined with glass curtain walls and metal paneling. South-facing façades feature sunshades that not only function to block solar glare and heat but also provide a distinctive architectural accent.

Designed on a grid of pedestrian-scaled streets, individual buildings are interconnected by covered walkways and elegantly landscaped spaces. The campus incorporates a café, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts and a fitness facility. South-facing plazas are landscaped with trees, native natural elements and animated with reflective pools and waterfalls to offer contemplative and lively common spaces. To increase connectivity on the campus, vehicular and pedestrian links exist on both levels of parking in the new underground garage, connecting the entire business campus beneath the buildings.

B+H has rezoned and achieved Development Permits for the site adjacent to Broadway Tech Centre known as 3000 East Broadway to continue these design principles across five new mid-rise office towers including a distribution centre/manufacturing space, open space, parking and connections to rapid transit.