Where Technology + Nature Meet

Xiamen National Accounting Institute

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Responding to the landscape of the surrounding land, the Xiamen National Accounting Institute is set among hills and valleys of interconnected water systems. Bounded by mountains and facing the sea, the buildings are positioned to take full advantage of scenic views and blend with the variations of its environment. Nestled in the hills, the campus buildings are oriented to capitalize on views and the subtropical climate of the area. The buildings are clustered around public spaces and ponds that are interconnected by extensive outdoor pathways.

Meeting international standards for professional continuing education, this large institute can accommodate 1,000 students for on-campus study at the same time. Addressing a number of needs, the campus includes a teaching building, lecture hall, library, information centre, sports complex and various residences. The institute demonstrates how nature, culture and technology can meet in building and landscape design to create contemporary organizations that fuse existing culture with future-ready technology.