Rethinking Public Realm Design

Lu’Luat Al Raha Master Plan + Landscape Design

Project Photos

The master plan prepared by B+H Planning and Landscape for Lu’Luat Island marks the beginning of a new school of thought in Abu Dhabi’s development that complements the development pattern for the city and responds to new market conditions and building height restrictions. With large public rights-of-way, private villas and townhouses lining the waterfront, and tall towers of 45 storeys competing for attention in the original master plan, our new approach preserves the GFA allowance and density while reducing height to eleven storeys. This reduction reorients the design to a scheme focused on the human scale at pedestrian level.

Of significant importance to this project is the creation of connectivity within the public realm and developing well-defined sub-districts with unique neighbourhood characteristics. The community space, rather than automobiles, becomes the principle focus of the design of streets and public areas and for the layout of mixed-use corridors. The network of pedestrian amenities and linear promenades and parks are designed to draw residents into the social realm of the community.

The central main street – the “Village Centre” of Lu’Luat Island – connects a beachfront park at the western end of the island with a community park and a commercial plaza that leads to the marina and features a promenade along its perimeter. Retail and food and beverage outlets spill onto generous sidewalks. The pedestrian promenade, encircling the Island shoreline, provides a scenic opportunity for jogging, cycling, and other recreational activities. Pedestrian tunnels also connect the two sides of the Island separated by Al Raha Boulevard, which links the Island to the shoreline and other Islands in the Al Raha Beach district.