Story As Design Concept

EverRich 3 Landscape Design

Project Photos

Located in the District 7 neighbourhood, EverRich 3 runs along the riverfront and approximately one quarter of its gross area is dedicated to landscaped open space, making it a residential development based in a park setting. B+H Planning and Landscape designed the landscape armed with a mandate to create an environment that would add value to the development through unique design elements. Inspired by constraints imposed as part of the city’s permit process, we worked within requirements that arose based on the site’s former wetland status. Accordingly, to reference the natural conditions of the site, 12% of the land has been designed with visual references to water surfaces.

The design concept revolves around the creation of three distinct allegorical rivers running from north to south within the site. The water story for the landscape design of EverRich 3 gives identity to the community and distinguishes the different areas and neighbourhoods while creating a unique public realm that adds value to the overall residential development.

The first is the Natural Riverfront

A landscaped strip running between the water’s edge and the waterfront road along the length of the site with a continuous walkway linking a series of nodes. The development’s front door and primary open community space, this linear park includes areas for family activities, play, fitness, art, socialization, learning, and wellness.


The second is the Urban River

The central boulevard connecting pedestrians with various amenities in podiums of adjacent residential developments including food and beverage, retail, entertainment, and community facilities. The Urban River includes water features positioned mostly above massive underground parking including recreational pools, reflective ponds, and fountains. Creating a unique environment, most of the area along this boulevard is water surface except for walkways and bridges.

The third is the Sky River

A continuous walkway with a roof structure that collects and retains water and is punctuated by features such as waterfalls and fountains. This element follows the access route to each of the high-density residential towers on the east side of the site.