Reflections of Society in the Public Realm

Arab Center For Research and Policy Studies Public Realm Design

Project Photos

The Education Campus of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies will play an active role in the Arab region, functioning beyond the concept of a think tank – producing analyses, outreach, plans of action and reports for both the public and key opinion makers. Playing a pivotal role in social change on many levels, the center’s design reflects its importance both inside and out. The project has evolved significantly from the original planning report—specifically in that the site moved to another location. Along with the change in location was the fact that the site’s shape changed and nearly doubled in size, all demanding different zoning requirements.

It was important to retain the original primary design concepts in the landscape architecture despite all the changes required. B+H Planning and Landscape used the exterior space of the center to reflect natural form and elements native to the area. Using desert, gorge, valley and water as key components of the campus landscape design, natural landform, rock strata and geometric elements in the exterior environment create clearly-defined meeting spaces and connections. Central squares, courtyards, community gardens, and pedestrian links span across the campus, connecting buildings and creating a sense of space and community. A strong sense of security and safety is created through the installation of perimeter walls and gardens.