Naturally Inspired Interior Design

Greenland Bund Square, Shanghai

Project Photos

Composed of three towers, this mixed-use complex in Shanghai’s Luwan District includes commercial, office, retail, hotel, and high-end residential living and amenity spaces. Working closely with the client, we worked on the interior design for the commercial, office, and residential public spaces in addition to the show units and clubhouse.

We used locally inspired natural elements as inspiration for the interior designs. Glass tiles, alabaster, and wood veneer are used to create a layered effect and echo the unfolding of a lotus flower. Long vertical panels of black and white marble, translucent and back painted glass, and greenery are used to create the effect of a tall bamboo forest. Large walls are designed to recreate the sense of a stone forest in interior spaces through staggered horizontal white, cream, and black marble slabs complemented with glass tiles.