Restoring An Icon

TD Centre Revitalization

Project Photos

Originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in association with our team and John B. Parkin Associates in the late 60’s, we were commissioned to once again work on this landmark downtown Toronto institution in 2010. Comprised of five office towers arranged around a granite-paved pedestrian plaza, it was imperative to revitalize the interior and exterior of this complex without losing its original design aesthetic and ensuring the least imposition upon current tenants.

Improvements will carry the complex into the next 100 years and will continue to position TD Centre as an integral component of the city core – as both a commercial and cultural hub. Exterior upgrades include reglazing and replacement of windows with double-glazed insulated units, fresh paint, mechanical and electrical upgrades, replacement of elevators and the complete renovation of the lobby and outdoor plaza. Windows were systematically replaced based on tenant occupancy and installers worked overnight to reduce disruption to tenants while the work was underway.

Exterior upgrades were completed along with the interior redesign, which required significant care and detail as the interior is designated heritage space. Reproduction of all elements remained faithful to the original design. In the lobby, as much of the existing granite, desk and finishing materials were maintained as possible while technology was incorporated to update the needs of tenants and visitors, refreshing and renewing this iconic complex.