Distinctive Design Leaves Lasting Impressions

Hotel Arts

Project Photos

A compelling offering in the local hospitality scene, the design flavour of Hotel Arts has a unique art-centred focus. The redesign of the guestrooms stays true to this aesthetic and elevates the suites to the same calibre as the common spaces. The rooms and corridors are thoughtfully designed to incorporate art through abstract integration into the overall design of the spaces. Posing a welcome challenge, CHIL Interior Design took an innovative approach in the use of space and materials to work within their limited budget.


While there were no concrete brand standards at the time of design, the vision was clear. The interior design recreates the feeling of entering a gallery or exhibit for the first time by inspiring a sense of anticipation of the unknown and inciting an emotional response in guests. Influenced by local Canadian art, touchpoints in all rooms are designed to immerse guests into a unique experience. By providing a slightly unexpected twist on the typical guestroom, travelers take part in a modern visual and tactile experience that is thought-provoking and leaves a lasting impression.