Island Comfort + Luxury

Lusail Thai Island Resort Master Plan + Landscape Design

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The design for the Lusail Thai Island, as a fusion between the two cultures, draws its inspiration from the rich and vibrant Thai culture and blissful nature, blended with the very essence of Qatar traditional hospitality. Comprised of 200 rooms, 100 private chalets and bungalows, and public amenities, this landmark project incorporates different types of luxury resort facilities within the beauty of the island’s natural topography. Working closely with the client, B+H Planning and Landscape explored the ways in which the resort could best respond to the needs of guests to provide the level of shelter, privacy, and luxury expected.


The resort’s landscape design complements its architecture and revolves around the use of xeriscape, making it ideal for the local arid climate and blending seamlessly with the context of the surrounding land. Through thoughtful planning, landscape, and built form, we employed a holistic approach to create an elegant, sustainable, and functionally organized solution. To accommodate the number of guest accommodations required, all services are tucked under the raised level of the central island, leaving the grounds free for the guesthouse amenities and gardens. This design creates a cascading Laguna that meanders through the site and along with garden pathways, links the central island amenities with the beach chalets and water bungalow clusters.

Inspired by Islamic interior courtyards, elements include terraces for gathering and function as connections between buildings. Echoing local design principles, spaces feature garden areas, formal water features and palm roofs as peaceful retreats. Garden pathways also connect the resort and allow guests to wander with a sense of mindful connection to the island topography.