Collective Healing And Well-Being

Changi General Hospital (Integrated Building)

Project Photos

The Changi General Hospital campus spreads across approximately 180,000 square metres within the larger Simei Road healthcare precinct. With clearly defined connections to the overall campus and main building, the Integrated Building is designed in harmony with the surrounding urban fabric and landscape and considers future development to create a holistic and viable design. The addition of this building reimagines the campus as a community hub for wellness and healing through an environment that encourages patients’ smooth transition back home and to their community.

The design of the Integrated Building demonstrates a patient-centric, age-friendly, flexible, and sustainable approach and through close collaboration with the client, a thorough understanding of community and staffing needs. Featuring a collection of facilities that house outpatient programs and services, the building includes a Rehab Centre, Geriatric Centre and Integrated Services Hub as well as a tower for inpatient wards. Our design ensures that interchangeable spaces support patients with different needs, at different stages of care. We worked with the hospital to ensure that adaptability was built into systems to allow for future expansion and changes.

Inpatient units at the Integrated Building are thoughtfully designed to create environments that promote wellness through the incorporation of natural elements such as access to daylight and green spaces. Units feature views overlooking an extensive green buffer and the building is surrounded by a healing garden. Wards are sectioned off to create areas promoting collective healing with direct access to green spaces while a rooftop garden offers patients and their visitors access to healing gardens.

To accommodate the mandate that 80% of wards be naturally ventilated, the building was strategically oriented to capture prevailing winds and this played a large role in the final design. The building is designed to feel more like home and less like an institution. With a heavy emphasis on open ground level space to promote shared public use through community services, the design program promotes well-being through connection to nature and supportive environments where people can connect.