The Evolution of Global Healthcare

Gleneagles Medini Hospital

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The global face of healthcare is changing in response to an aging population and a lean towards environments that promote patients’ overall well-being. The design of the Gleneagles Medini Hospital reflects this shift and revolves around our key principles that thoughtfully designed spaces and access to nature can contribute to the well-being of individuals and promote healing. Working collaboratively with STH, our team’s design approach includes the incorporation of natural light in inpatient rooms and corridors, artful public spaces, natural and tactile materials throughout and windows in inpatient rooms with views that connect them to the outdoors while allowing for privacy.

Recognizing that gardens and landscape play a fundamental role in the design of healing environments; patients, visitors, and staff have access to the outdoor Healing Garden. Complete with mature trees, shading trellis elements and cascading water features, the Garden and all outdoor areas feature safe, non-slip smooth surface paths and encourage healing through a connection with nature, daylight and fresh air. The hospital’s overall design corresponds to the surrounding landscape and the area’s infrastructure and future development to create a holistic design tailored for its location.

Positioned as a landmark in its community, the main entrance drop-off zone is visibly articulated, paired with clear way-finding signage and a landscaped plaza that welcomes patients, staff, and visitors. Locally-sourced materials enhance the building exterior and tie the hospital to the architecture throughout the region.

Anticipating the on-going evolution of clinical systems and technology, flexibility is built-in to allow for future expansion and changes. The design of the structure, physical layout, and overall flow of functions keep modularity in mind and equip the hospital with the fundamentals required for growth. The design also reflects a commitment to sustainability through targeting energy efficiency in building envelope components and mechanical systems.