One meeting with Joslyn and you’ll be asking yourself all sorts of important questions you’d never given a moment’s thought to before. Joslyn is a disruptor. She won’t rest until she’s turned everything on its head, looked at it sideways, discovered every last missing piece of information and reconstructed a whole from a completely different set of rules. If she weren’t a designer you would most likely find her in a lab coat poring over mysterious pieces of forensic evidence.


If you’re comfortable you’re not learning; and if you’re not learning, you’re already obsolete.

With her passion for puzzles, Joslyn is a strong advocate for B+H’s Advance Strategy approach that upends the traditional design process and begins instead with an exploration of the client’s business and organizational goals. She believes that when designers drop their egos and start listening to their clients everyone is happier. Joslyn’s data-driven approach allows her to meet people in their own space, witness their daily interactions and immerse herself in their culture. She rejects the notion of a pristine, photo-ready space and instead believes that the kinds of spaces that support and grow culture and community – at work and at home –  are meant to be hacked, pulled apart and put back together in unexpected ways. In Joslyn’s experience, it’s almost always possible to bring in a project under budget when the focus is on culture and performance rather than the proforma.

Her proudest achievements at B+H are co-creating the B+H Seattle Studio culture and conceiving and designing Coterie Worklounge. Both embody her belief that spaces must respond to real human needs – to feelings and experiences. As she continues to explore and evolve her practice, Joslyn hopes to place greater emphasis on designing spaces that support and improve the mental health and well-being of their occupants.