Creating an Energetic Environment for New Corporation Headquarters in China

Zhenshi Headquarters, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province

Project Photos

Starting in 2016, B+H worked with Zhenshi Group to develop an interior design scheme for its new headquarters in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. Symbolizing the massive accomplishment achieved over the past 50 years, the new headquarter building is not only a statement but also an investment in rebuilding a new brand awareness for the public. The building itself is also a gift from the founder to his son – the successor of the company, thus a celebration of the transfer of leadership from one generation to the next.

We positioned the new corporate headquarter as a high-end workplace that offers facilities which support an effective working environment and spark creativity and productivity. A single coherent design gesture flows from the exterior into the interior with a refined modern touch, demonstrating that this company embraces a sense of community.

zhenshi_lift lobby

The interior design revolves around the concept of sailing. The founder, representing the old generation of leadership, is likened to a luxury or classic yacht; while the son, young and energetic, could be compared to a contemporary sailing or speed boat. Inspired by the characteristics of both the classic yacht and contemporary speedboat, we envisioned an environment in which all members work together, contributing in their own way, ready for any surprise and utilizing the latest technologies to navigate the global market in the manner of a boat crew on the open seas.

The feeling created by this design is that of a time when a few adventurous men were navigating the oceans to discover new countries and treasures. The design of the executive lounge thus takes on a figurative meaning that charts the journey that every manager makes in their daily life: leading a team, enforcing decisions, exposing himself to potential risks. At the end, though, they are able to navigate the boat into a safe harbor and enjoy a well-deserved rest. The executive office embodies a timeless design, while making a statement of efficiency and stimulation. Like the control centre of a boat, it is a place where decisions are made, and the route is defined.


The lobby’s spatial structure incorporates a welcoming area, waiting and lounge space and some meeting areas which exude the feeling of warmth, refinement, and modernity, utilizing elements one would find on a luxury yacht. The use of premium wood materials melds with the shades and tones of a contemporary sailing boat, creating the lightness of a sail in the wind. Smooth surfaces, reflections and subtle textures are enhanced by an elegant color palette. Soft curves not only encourage the eye to reflect on the sensations of changes in direction but also modulate the speed in navigating the space, all going back to the elements of a beautiful boat on the water.

Our designers worked closely with the client to create a flexible and casual workspace environment within the building that reflects Zhenshi’s company culture of caring, and commitment to its staff. Other facilities include staff gyms, a swimming pool and a multi-functional hall that could be turned into a full basketball court.

zhenshi_swimming pool