Bold Brand Expressions

Sephora Shanghai Flagship Store

Project Photos

Sephora’s Shanghai flagship store includes not only their leading retail space but also their training centre and headquarters. Extensive modifications and refurbishments were made to their existing space including the store and their offices, which span across five floors. The new design addressed the façade as well as the interior design.

Playing off the brand’s motto, “Excellence, Freedom, Passion & Boldness,” a dramatic red, black and white colour scheme was conceived for the retail space to create a striking visual effect. The exterior commands attention through its use of sinuous banding that adds a sense of movement and fluidity to the building and is carried through to the interior space for a strong sense of continuity. Full-height floor-to-ceiling windows give passersby a glimpse into the interior space from the street where a bright red staircase and second level railing add a dramatic accent to the area inside.

As shoppers make their way into the store, all aspects of the space including finishes and display units reflect the high level of quality and overall essence of the brand. From polished acrylic surfaces and dynamic organic shapes to large-scale lifestyle imagery, aspects of the interior design complete the feeling of entering a contemporary and fresh cosmetics and beauty product store through their sense of vitality, movement and youth.