A New Flavour of Office Planning & Design

Sandhill Plaza (formerly Spreadtrum Phase II)

Project Photos

The majority of tenants with office space in Zhangjiang are from the growing high-tech, IT, manufacturing, trading and research and developement sectors. A premium quality business park in this ideal location, Sandhill Plaza represents best-in-class commercial real estate space in Greater China. Reflecting the forward-thinking nature of the companies in the area, Sandhill Plaza’s tenants include leading global companies.


We introduced the plaza as a new office park typology in Shanghai as traditional layouts are frequently composed of multiple high-rise towers. Featuring one 20-storey tower as the park’s landmark, tenants are spread out over eight three-storey buildings and parking is provided on two basement levels. These low-rise pavilion-style buildings allow for a natural synergy and connection between users and spaces that respond to the collaborative spirit that startup high tech companies breed.

The design of the buildings and their networks include clearly directed routes that guide people through the park. Additionally, a generous public area at the lower level and shaded courtyards provide ample space for use during the warm summer months. The success of this style of business park for Sandhill Plaza is apparent in the high occupancy rate and strong tenancy profile of the park.