Engineered for Success

Queens University Beamish-​Munro Hall’s Integrated Learning Centre

Project Photos

The Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) at Queen’s University’s Beamish-Munro Hall teaches engineering students building principles and sustainable strategies by example. Inserted between two existing buildings, this three-storey, 80,000-ft2 space for six engineering faculties is organized around a terraced atrium. Featuring generous stairways linking the atrium’s levels and a range of non-conventional classrooms that integrate teaching with hands-on learning experience, the design encourages engineering disciplines to interact and collaborate. In what is one of Canada’s earliest ‘Live Buildings’, exposed and extensively monitored systems enable students to analyze building performance in real time by many different metrics, and see how system adjustments affect performance.


The ILC’s notable sustainable design aspects include a three-storey green wall, radiant flooring and displacement ventilation, enthalpy heat recovery, a CO2 demand-operated HVAC system, photovoltaics, and grey water recycling to minimize potable water consumption.

The Canada Green Building Council selected Beamish-Munro Hall as one of three Canadian projects to represent Canada at the 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo.