Urban Renewal Through Holistic Design

601 West Hastings

Project Photos

Adjacent to the largest transportation hub in downtown Vancouver, 601 West Hastings is key to the ongoing regeneration of the area. Prior to its redesign, this corner was insufficiently zoned for commercial space. To respond to the growing needs of the city, it was imperative to work creatively with city officials to increase commercial allotment while retaining as much public open space as possible. Working holistically, B+H redesigned this uninspired corner of downtown Vancouver into a usable community plaza with a tower that will create a strong streetscape presence and an iconic silhouette along the skyline. Effectively addressing the need for density, the new 25-storey office tower is thoughtfully designed and tailored with subtle folds, overlaps, and reveals in the corners, emphasizing the curved uplift at the public plaza.

The striking overhang at the building’s corner plaza invites pedestrians to engage with the space and is sculpted to capture maximum sunlight and allow for clear views. The base of the tower uses a minimum floor area for the lobby, maximizing usable outdoor public space. Ground-level retail and a full-height water feature at the entrance to the building animate the corner. This animation is further emphasized by the exterior of the tower, which was designed to catch and playfully reflect sunlight through a mullion pattern that evokes the fine stitching of a suit. Sustainable features were incorporated to ensure long-lasting design and conservation of resources. Features include low flow water fixtures, increased insulation and thermal performance materials, daylight sensors for lighting control, bicycle parking and a white roof, which reduces heat absorption and conduction to the interior of the building.