Celine Wang’s passion for creativity, design and people is contagious. After a single conversation with her, you’ll get a real sense of her thirst for life. Seeing how her role plays an important part in creating strong communities, inspiring people and creating the future for the next generation, Celine knows that along with her teams, she helps to make community visions, concepts, expectations, and needs tangible through the built form. She enjoys the challenges she’s overcome throughout the design of many developments by balancing creativity and exploration with implementation to create holistic design solutions.

Taking on a proactive and predictive approach, Celine leverages her experience to anticipate challenges and mitigate potential issues that may arise along the way. Her role has evolved over the years and she’s currently involved in promoting and leading our services in Asia as part of our Shanghai office. With experience in many large scale, mixed-use projects, Celine has a diverse skillset and broad understanding of what our clients need and how we can be best prepared to offer them full-service solutions.

I’m most proud at the end of every project – when I realize what we’ve achieved and how much we’ve learned through the process.

With a portfolio of work that includes North America and Asia, Celine has a global perspective of architecture and interior design principles. She has over 26 years of experience and joined B+H in 1998. Celine has played a significant role in enhancing the knowledge base within our Shanghai office through introducing emerging design trends and building technologies. Her abilities to establish and maintain strong global client relationships and localize international standards have also been key to our success within the Asian market.