Fascinated with architectural details, Luca Visentin appreciates even the most inconspicuous elements that create unique touches and demonstrate a thoughtful approach to design. Inspired by experience, project knowledge, travel, and engaging with his day-to-day life, there’s truly no limit as to what will provide insight for his work. With a passion for how art and technical elements combine to create lasting architecture, Luca sees his role in bridging concept and execution.


Architecture needs to dive into art and apply a technical approach to construct real-world solutions.

With a ‘get-er-done’ attitude towards his work, he believes that architecture needs to be executable to be real. He recognizes the impact architecture has on the world by creating spaces for people that truly speak to their needs and through his local work, he appreciates that he can help develop the evolution of his own city.  While he believes that architecture reflects the era in which it was designed, to him, it must also be resilient to the passage of time.

Luca joined B+H in 2006 and has fifteen years of experience through his work on a broad range of complex, large and mid-scale developments across sectors. His local experience within Canada is complemented by his work in Asia to create a holistic approach to design and innovation.