Sean Truckel wears many hats in his work and considers himself to be both a generalist and a specialist. His ability to move between big picture thinking and the detailed complexity of a project allows him to harmonize various disciplinary approaches to uncover cohesive designs. His extensive expertise helps him to work effectively within his teams to meet his client’s objectives. Having always had an affinity for art and technology, he saw the combination of his natural inclinations as a clear signal to study architecture.


You can be inspired by the most mundane thing.

Constantly striving to simplify and enhance people’s interactions with the built environment, Sean enjoys working within the constraints and oddities that accompany every project. Leading in design and facilitating the coordination of consultants, he takes a broad perspective with a passion to see his projects through. Over the past decade, he’s delivered a diversity of projects from master plans to comprehensive architectural design and construction developments.

Having joined B+H in 2007, Sean has developed an extensive background in all phases of project development from programming to planning and design across sectors including commercial, cultural, residential, and hospitality. With a broad range of experience, Sean engages in his work with an integrative approach and understands that each will have its own unique blend of inspired elements.