Whether it’s the teamwork he encourages to achieve successful project outcomes or the mentorship he provides to the up-and-coming talent pool at the firm, Sonny Sanjari is all about fostering positive relationships. Understanding that his knowledge of social aspects pertaining to work are crucial to success, he focuses on actively participating in co-operative teams and allows this motivation to infuse all projects. As an avid, self-taught guitar player, Sonny thrives on getting together with people who share his passion – be it music or design.

Promoted to Principal in 2014, Sonny has nearly 20 years of experience in architecture and has been with the firm for a decade. He recognizes the value of collaboration among the multitude of experts engaged in the design and construction of large-scale mixed-use projects. Sonny emphasizes that architects in leadership roles must be particularly receptive and cognizant of the multi-faceted approach to complex developments to efficiently guide a team to success. As a strong project manager, he has a firm grasp on the nuances involved from early conceptual design and design development, through to construction.

Good design is the outcome of teamwork and understanding how each individual can contribute to a project’s success.

Sonny recognizes that vibrant urban developments rely upon the successful incorporation of a variety of services, such as commercial, retail, recreational and residential components and create truly liveable communities through this multi-dimensional planning. Sonny is a strong influence on the successful navigation of the myriad of complex public approvals and reviews that are intrinsic to these large, multi-use projects. Driven by research and the collaborative process, he believes that compelling design is defensible and cannot exist independently of a well-organized and multi-dimensional team.