Robin Proctor comes from a family of teachers so an affinity for institutional design runs through his blood. With the intention to carve a niche for himself in the field of architecture, it was only natural for him to focus on how educational spaces could be better designed to encourage collaboration, sharing and learning for students and faculty members alike. By exploring how to incorporate flexible and unprogrammed areas into educational facilities, Robin believes there’s value in creating spaces that can change organically to better respond to the needs and requirements of the people using them.

Working primarily as a design architect, Robin oversees the process from design inception to construction with a focus on building envelope design and formal studies. Understanding that the design process is iterative, he allows a concept to evolve naturally to uncover forward-thinking solutions. He believes the beauty of architecture lies in creating something special and meaningful every time.

What makes a building or space well-designed will depend on each project’s unique vision and needs.

Robin has been a key architectural designer on a number of celebrated and award-winning post-secondary institutions. He joined B+H in 2009 and through thoughtful client collaboration and a critical eye, he’s delivered buildings and spaces with a positive and lasting impact on both users and the larger urban fabric.