Roy Oei is a Project Architect in our Toronto studio who is calm, cool, and collected and has a dry sense of humor that creeps up on you. This combination of traits makes him an exceptional team leader, as he seeks out collaboration and connection with those he is working with. He deeply values the opinions of others, whether they be a client or a junior staff member.

Perhaps it is growing up on Canada’s East Coast that has fostered this fairly laidback attitude in Roy, along with a love for the outdoors. Add to that his myriad experiences in different parts of the world, from Los Angeles to New York to Hong Kong, and you have someone who is able to look at things from so many perspectives and adjust accordingly. He sees the need to be pragmatic and practical at times, but also the need to unleash creativity and think boldly. He fosters this same sense of exploration within his teams, knowing that great solutions come from discovery.

Roy Oei

Don’t have plans. Just have goals.

There is no question that Roy loves a challenge, it is even one of the main reasons he chose to pursue architecture, and that along with his deep passion for his profession allow him to navigate whatever issues arise in a project with that same cool, calm, collected manner.