Until Roberto Mercado was a teenager, he lived in a house that his father designed in the Philippines. While not an architect himself, Roberto’s father inspired him to take on the profession. In fact, his older brother is also an architect and both siblings worked together on developments in their homeland. Roberto – having left the Philippines for Canada – brought a global perspective to his work there. While Roberto has experience in residential, commercial and retail work, his current focus is on the design of large-scale healthcare facilities within Ontario. With the constantly shifting demands required in the design of healthcare developments, he truly enjoys the fact that every day is different and presents its own challenges.

The most rewarding part of my work is seeing a concept constructed and serving people.

Roberto’s strengths lie in detailing and the coordination of structural, mechanical, and electrical requirements in architectural documentation. He’s well-known for his preparation of project details and their integration within the overall design concept. His nearly three decades of experience provide him with the confidence to produce details that are practical, economical and can be constructed efficiently to provide for not only functionality but to also create inspiring spaces. Outside of work, Roberto is heavily involved in the local Pilipino community through involvement with a non-profit organization for youth sports.