Chris McQuillan’s passion for cycling has helped him to do firsthand research on the acute care medical system. A broken rib, concussion, fractured shoulder, and countless bumps and bruises haven’t been enough to deter him from his passion for cycling or healthcare design. Dedicated to his work, he has even participated in a client call from his hospital bed. Chris’ direct experiences in the healthcare system have informed his understanding of what’s required to provide high quality care. He’ll be one of the first to explain that the design of efficient and effective healthcare spaces is possible when architects, planners and designers put themselves into the shoes of staff, patients, and visitors.


Quality design for healthcare services begins with understanding how to support people.

Beyond form and function, Chris is also a strong proponent for carefully planned healthcare facilities that encourage well-being through their design. Always on top of key emerging trends in the industry Chris understands that, now more than ever, it’s important that people heal quicker and with more ease through facilities that cater across cultures, languages, ages, and disabilities. He sees how a holistic approach with a focus on the mind-body connection and community healing has started to play an increasingly larger role within the industry. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Chris is well-equipped with the knowledge to bring practical solutions to the table.

Chris’ experience includes an extensive contribution to healthcare, behavioural health and biomedical research, facility design, programming, and project feasibility analysis. He also plays a key role in our firm’s endeavours in marketing, business development, and thought leadership. With boundless energy, Chris approaches every development he works on with a clear focus and guidance relating to AFP, compliance, pursuit, and delivery.