It was during a late-night stroll through a courtyard at the University of Toronto with his now wife, that Dan McAlister made the fateful decision to switch degrees to Architecture. Reflecting on his career and his over 40 years of success in the field, anyone would be well-positioned to say that he made the right decision. Dan’s passion and affinity for the industry is evident in how he sparked the repositioning of the firm and its partner mix to explore additional design opportunities within Canada and beyond to the emerging international market.

Now more than ever, design firms need to be strategic and do more than simply what our clients ask for. We have to anticipate what they truly need.

Always thinking ten steps ahead, Dan has a sharp sense for identifying evolving needs and requirements to understand how innovation in architecture and design can be leveraged to better serve people, communities, and economies. Dan moves confidently within the field to help the team at B+H build a culture of consistently delivering a high level of international design and hands-on service.

Dan joined as a Partner in 1989 and became Chairman in 1996 and his commitment to developing the firm’s people and their talent is evident in how he continues to be involved in B+H’s expansion into the Middle East, China, and other areas in Asia. Dan’s strengths lie in providing sound management, hands-on leadership, and effective team building. His commitment to developing rewarding partnerships, the coordination of complex approvals, and budget management has been instrumental in meeting and exceeding client expectations.