Mark Longo knows that when it comes to design, people make all the difference in the world. He works one-on-one with clients to understand their complex needs and connects with colleagues and consultants to translate those needs into constructible solutions. Mark appreciates direct engagement at any scale to get to the heart of a request. Through careful listening and the balance of multiple perspectives and resources throughout the process, Mark helps to guide his teams through each clients’ unique challenges. His ultimate goal is to find solutions that work for real people, in real situations.

You can be influenced by anything in your work – from music, to art – as long as it’s an outlet for creativity and exploration.

With a strong hold of conceptual principles, Mark ensures that the original design integrity of the projects he works on is maintained. By understanding the fine grain details of every development and how those translate into comprehensive solutions, he aims to preserve the core values of every project. Mark started with B+H in 2007 and specializes in healthcare, commercial and institutional design. His experience includes project management, proficiency with all aspects of design from concept through to construction and post-occupancy, and BIM workflow practices. He believes that communication, a sense of humility, and mutual respect is crucial to a successful team and shares his knowledge whenever possible to encourage mentorship of his fellow team members.