Stéphane Lasserre is no stranger to building something from scratch. Instrumental in establishing our Singapore studio, Stéphane set up shop in his own living room with one assistant and the rest, as they say, is history. Once well on track to become an engineer, he can recall the pivotal moment that encouraged him to step away from engineering and instead, pursue a career in architecture. He was in Bordeaux at the time and was truly inspired by a simple installation at an Art Brut exhibition – a perfect stack of charcoal in the middle of a warehouse. It was then that he realized he wanted to be involved in the creation of structures that generate tension and emotion in people through strategic spaces.

Integrated parks and green spaces reflect a constant connection to nature in his city and this interaction infuses Stéphane’s approach. Understanding that solutions need to be holistic and reflect a multi-disciplinary approach, he believes that thoughtful design connects people, architecture, landscape and interiors. By creating cohesive places and spaces rather than simply providing isolated solutions, a development can serve its community for years and prove to be sustainable through well-thought out programs and long-term eco-friendly strategies.

Inspiration happens when disciplines cross and carry-over – through the ability to transpose concepts to see something differently.

Stéphane joined B+H in 2005 and has worked in our Toronto and Shanghai offices prior to taking on his role in Singapore. Throughout his career, he’s led architecture and interior design projects throughout France, Canada, India and Asia. His global experience has allowed him to take a fresh perspective on projects by considering how different cultures and social fabrics work and infusing his work with these varied views. Stéphane gets deeply involved with his clients’ visions by participating in early strategic phases and programming to truly understand how unique design can make a positive impact.