Jim Huffman is fascinated with the impact of technology on architecture. Whether it’s new and innovative building practices or the impact of driverless cars on urban planning and design, Jim has his finger on the pulse of the advances that influence the evolution of the built form and contribute to sustainable communities. Coming from a family with a strong background in construction, it’s no wonder that Jim has a passion for understanding how he can contribute to the growth of cities through strategic design. Fusing his own knowledge of construction and the technicalities of building with an inquisitive approach, Jim brings with him to B+H over 30 years of experience and a passion for the field.


Simple design, well detailed.

Jim believes that the simpler you can make a solution, the better it will be. Considering the myriad of elements that influence each project or development – from the surrounding environment and its cultural context, to timelines and budgets – he approaches the big picture with a vision of how to hone in on a simple yet comprehensive and streamlined solution. As Senior Design Director, Jim appreciates how important a clear vision is in achieving a client’s end goal in design and how his role requires him to not only help clarify a vision but also maintain the momentum needed throughout the process to create successful developments.

Jim’s vast experience includes mixed-use, residential, urban planning, transportation, and civic design projects. Providing senior level design expertise for projects based in our Vancouver, Seattle, and Calgary studios, Jim builds upon his experience in the west coast to provide viable and contextual design solutions. Jim has led the design of some of the world’s most sustainable projects while creating accessible and elegant spaces that connect, engage, and inspire.