Great design focuses on people.

For Hong Hu, connection means everything: from collaborative and open design efforts and strong team support systems, all the way to organized building structures that link people to places and resources. Hong appreciates that connecting people to the things they truly need helps them live better lives. He knows that the combined efforts of a team will always result in the best outcomes and he takes a tailored approach to his work – appreciating that no two projects are alike. Leveraging his nearly decade-long portfolio of experience and knowledge, Hong is inspired by what he has learned and the chance to create something new every time.

Hong joined B+H in 2014. Working on various types of projects including city complexes, sports centres, and office developments, he has experience with large-scale projects and the intricacies involved in the coordination of multi-disciplinary teams. Up-to-date with the latest in design software, skilled at parametric design, and experienced with management on the construction site, Hong has a comprehensive grasp of the entire design and building process.