Stephen Herscovitch appreciates that the design and construction of large-scale developments require close collaboration among a myriad of experts, consultants, and contractors. Each project will need someone to direct traffic and ensure that people know who to talk to and where to access required resources. A trustworthy go-to who ensures that people get their hands on what they need, Stephen works directly with clients and within his teams to sort through the details of what’s required to execute complex developments.


If you can imagine how people will feel in a space – the experience they’ll have – you can begin to unpack what a successful design solution requires.

With over 35 years of experience, Stephen’s technical expertise serves him well in addressing the many aspects of design in a practical way to understand what can and can’t be done. His accumulated experience across a vast array of sectors gives him the know-how to smoothly facilitate the construction process and create order from the multifaceted aspects that come together to create innovative and unique design solutions.

Stephen joined B+H in 1988 and became a Principal in 2010. He believes that spaces are designed to create experiences and his ability to put himself in the shoes of the end user and combine this with client needs and technical expertise makes him an integral part of the B+H team.