Lucas Gallardo thrives off the synergies that occur when a talented group of experts who share a true passion for their work collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences. This passion is precisely why he moved to Hong Kong to help set up our CHIL studio. Straddling the worlds of architecture and interior design, Lucas has a broad view of how the two can work together to create cohesive and integrated solutions. Lucas began his experience at B+H in our Beijing studio and lived in Asia for fifteen years.

Through a pragmatic and systematic approach to design, Lucas sees every day as a new possibility to explore how he can apply a streamlined process to each development’s unique context, concept, and design implementation. He joined B+H in 2014 as Director of Architecture at our Beijing studio, was an integral part of the CHIL team in Hong Kong, and is now working with our Vancouver studio. A versatile architect with strong management skills and the ability to coordinate complex interior design projects, Lucas is involved in not only day-to-day design initiatives, but also looking after the daily operations of the Hong Kong studio.

The main value a design firms bring to a project is in its people. Empowering individual team members to achieve their full potential is key to a successful project.