If you ask Chris’s colleagues to describe him, they’d say he’s like a scientist. Always curious and willing to view challenges as opportunities, he isn’t afraid to ask the kinds of questions that lead his teams to explore possibilities and land on inventive solutions. Chris believes that project success lies in true collaboration where everyone participating in the design process can voice their ideas and be heard by leaving egos at the door. An avid mountain biker, he’s inspired by nature, and prefers to be surrounded by trees and forests. If he hadn’t become a Landscape Architect, today he’d be a farmer.

Fight hypocrisy wherever one sees it, including in oneself.

Chris is most inspired by the diversity of the work he does – the uniqueness of each project and the accompanying challenges and opportunities that come along with them. Part of our Planning and Landscape Architecture Team, he’s driven to continue innovating by seeing plans and systems in place through the built form in the public realm. Chris takes a functional approach to design, one founded upon the environmental psychology of exterior space and how people use spaces, particularly how they perceive their environments on a subconscious level. Often working on teams that integrate planning, building architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design, Chris appreciates the magic that happens when design is approached from a holistic perspective, allowing for truly cohesive solutions.