At the age of eighteen, Keyvan Akhavan left his home in Iran with nothing but a backpack and boarded a train to Italy where he graduated with a B.Arch. from a university in Rome. He can vividly recall his fascination with the local aesthetic and how the city’s ancient ruins continued to influence him later in his career. He worked on several large-scale developments and while he loved the intricacy of design, he also began to demonstrate a natural affinity with harnessing the capabilities of various building technologies. That’s when he realized that he was suited for a different kind of role in the Information Technology department of the firm.


My biggest reward is seeing a problem solved and knowing that the firm has what they need for success.

Keyvan’s background in architecture, his proficiency with technology and his passion for propelling the firm to the next level by embracing new tools made him a natural fit for the Director of IT position. Who better to understand what architects need than an architect? Keyvan started with the firm in 1987 and took on his role in IT in 1994. His primary objective is to create the most efficient infrastructure for our global platform to ensure top performance. With hundreds of users connected virtually across the globe, Keyvan ensures that we can access and make changes to files within seconds despite being tens of thousands of kilometers away each other.

He also concentrates on understanding where we’re headed and lining up the vision of the organization with the technology we need to continue growing, evolving, and successfully servicing our clients. With the best interests of the firm always top of mind, Keyvan dedicates his time to organizing the technology and tools we need to help us uncover and present innovative solutions that meet demands and reach our goals.