Connection + Collaboration in Ho Chi Minh City

August 19, 2019

Last month our four 2019 Catalyst participants met in-person for the first time in our Ho Chi Minh Studio. All of the participants were excited to have the chance to meet not only one another, but their colleagues based out of this studio with whom they have worked for several years. These connections were exactly the fuel they needed to push their research project to the next level, as they participated in collaborative in-studio workshops.

This workshop was a key part of the progress they made on solidifying their research topic and deliverables. In addition, they found it so useful that they now plan to conduct similar workshops in each of participant’s local studio. This will not only help them continue to progress in their own undertakings, but provide that feeling of connection and engagement within the studios.

The unique public spaces of Ho Chi Minh City in particular influenced the direction of the Catalyst participants’ research. Whether taking in the sidewalk cafes, riding on the back of a scooter, or watching a game of impromptu foot-badminton, the importance of public spaces was highlighted, as was the critical differences in them across cultures.

The experiences of the 2019 Catalyst participants both inside and outside the Ho Chi Minh Studio proved pivotal in their process. They gained clarity on their topic, their deliverables, and their teammates that will be invaluable to their continued success.