2019 Catalyst Program Update 1

July 11, 2019

In their journey so far, our Catalyst participants have been working to determine their research topic. As a group of diverse interests, experiences, and skill sets and spread across a variety of studios and time zones, this was not the simplest task. They share a common interest in public health and the built environment, and this has been the starting point for their research.

Image Wesley Gross took that he finds inspiration in.

Photo from Boian Dabov of a plaza he finds inspiring.

Despite only being able to meet over Skype, the group has agreed on a structure for testing and researching their topic. They have also tapped into their Advisory Committee, and are working to further leverage knowledge from across the B+H studios and beyond. They hope to engage team members across studios through design charettes and written surveys, to both assist in their research and to keep the process collaborative.

It has been a great start to the 2019 Catalyst Program, and as Boian, Wesley, Eline, and Quan meet in-person in our Ho Chi Minh City studio, many more exciting developments are sure to follow!