Workplace Strategy Series


January 7, 2017

“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”

The Italian novelist Giuseppe Tomas di Lampedusa wrote these words in 1958, a time when the speed of change we live with today was unimaginable.

If maintaining the status quo then required a willingness to change, what can we say now about how our organizations need to channel change? Not just to stay where we are, but to compete and thrive in an increasingly fast paced world?

The B+H Advance Strategy team believes the way we intentionally script the interaction between people and space can have a profound impact on productivity, innovation, and happiness.

Successful workplace strategy needs to reflect some basic truths about how teams learn.  We know that high performing teams generate a large number of ideas from a diverse set of contributors.  These ideas come together dynamically and form a dense nexus where the contributions themselves, and people’s responses to them, go through intense review and revision.  Successful teams embrace this process, and the most successful companies seek workplace strategies that empower individuals and teams.

Our research and practice has yielded six key insights that drive successful workplace strategy as defined by high performing teams capable of creating, channeling and operationalizing positive innovation and change.  We share these insights in the following posts.