For Lucia Lu, design is about more than building buildings and designing interior and exterior spaces. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Lucia attends to every detail in the work she does to ensure that the environments she helps to create are beautiful and inspire people. Finding the balance between function and aesthetics, she helps to uncover the unique qualities and structural requirements that will make every development useful, livable, and sustainable. Lucia is motivated by seeing a project completed that reflects the people it’s designed for through qualities that speak to its context – the surrounding environment and local culture.

With over a decade of experience in landscape architecture, Lucia is involved in the design process from the initial concept, through to design development, and the working drawing stage. As a soft landscaping specialist, she’s responsible for planning tree, shrub, and ground-cover selection. Lucia works within her teams to enhance the collaborative and cooperative environments required to create a team culture that produces success. Living in Shanghai exposes her to a wealth of architectural forms and design diversity, inspiring her work by inviting exploration and demonstrating innovation.

A designer needs to imagine exactly how people will live, work, and play within a space to understand how to design anything.