Farica Lo, a Project Manager in our Toronto studio, has the kind of infectious laugh you just want to keep hearing. Thankfully, you get to hear it a lot as she brings a sense of humor to everything she does – whether dealing with the stress of a home renovation or a complicated project at work. She immediately puts whomever she is speaking to at ease, whether it is her coworkers, clients, or even contractors. This probably comes in large part from her earnest belief in being a good listener and being kind to all those around her.

Farica has lived in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, and Toronto over the course of her career, and has loved having the opportunity to work on significant projects as part of collaborative teams. Her passion for architecture is deeply rooted, having chosen this path from the outset of her young adulthood. She loves the way architecture can balance art and logic, and brings that to her own design approach. She relishes the way great architecture can create a deep and powerful feeling within the people experiencing it, and can’t imagine spending her life in any other profession.

All people remember you for at the end of the day is how you treat others.