Buildings are one of the largest end users of energy, consuming a third of global final energy and creating a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions. Population growth, urbanization and household wealth are all rising and energy use in buildings may double and possibly triple by 2050. If widely adopted, current best practices and technologies could halve this amount by 2030, which will be necessary if we stand any chance to fulfill the Paris Agreement.

~ World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Since the 90’s, sustainable design practices have become a definitive component of our integrated approach. Beginning with the Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building and advancing with our current net zero collaboration on The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation at Mohawk College, we push the boundaries on sustainable design and construction. In China, we led the way in IAQ (indoor air quality) monitoring in response to the need for healthy indoor spaces and our efforts have expanded to projects across the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

At B+H, we believe that cities, districts, and communities exist as more than simply collections of constructed spaces. Built environments are meant to be livable, functional, resilient, and sustainable. Using evidence-based design, we work closely with our clients to uncover customized sustainable solutions that are achievable for them and can evolve with their changing needs.

Our global sustainability experience is represented across studios and we’re actively engaged in advocating for and designing healthy communities, buildings, and spaces. We’re committed to creating adaptive solutions and high performance buildings that make positive contributions to their communities: promoting health and well-being, stimulating productivity, and respecting our finite natural resources. We aspire to deliver buildings that give back more than they take.

Holly Jordan, Senior Project Manager, Principal


  • Former Vice-Chair of the CaGBC’s Greater Toronto Chapter
  • Leads B+H’s in-house R&D group

Kathryn Clews, Project Architect


Our WELL AP certified team brings a unique understanding of occupant wellness into the buildings we design.

Stephanie Panyan

Susan Roman

Coco Lin

Marianna Ng

Theresa Forti

Eline Vermeulen

We’re the only architecture practice to have won the BOMA Earth Award four times.

60+ projects: WELL, Green Mark, China 3-Star, Net Zero, LEED® certified.

50+ of our staff are LEED® AP’s. Many work with leading organizations like WGBC, USGBCCaGBCUNEP, UNEP-SBCI, and ULI.

We have LEED® projects in five countries.