Bringing A Vision To Life

RCMP E Division Headquarters Relocation

Project Photos

Accommodating for more than 2,700 employees, the RCMP E Division Headquarters complex includes a seven-storey administration and operations building including a forensics laboratory, an emergency operations and data centre, and an exhibit and workshop building for Canada’s national police force in Surrey – BC’s fastest growing municipality. At $966 million it’s also the largest divisional headquarters in Canada and the largest Public-Private Partnership (P3) undertaken by Public Works and Government Services in British Columbia to date. The P3 approach is a long-term performance-based way of procuring public infrastructure where the private sector assumes a major share of the risks involved in finance and construction and ensures effective performance of the infrastructure.


Throughout the process, we offered consultation for all phases of this P3 project from initial documentation to overseeing compliance with final project details. We also sat on a Pilot Project committee where a typical office area was designed as a prototype to determine the best work environment for employees and officers to achieve facility standards.

Working collaboratively, we leveraged our expertise to ensure the RCMP would receive the facility they originally imagined. Their vision was an ambitious state-of-the-art building to enhance their ability to provide integrated and intelligence-based policing. Requiring spaces that increase performance, the facility had to enable greater collaboration of staff by providing enriching workplace relationships. Information sharing, operations, and the diversity of resources have been markedly improved, and current and anticipated future safety and security requirements have also been met in a LEED® Gold high-security and flexible facility.