A Warm Western Welcoming

Douglas Border Crossing

Project Photos

Welcoming over 1.5 million vehicles every year, the Douglas Border Crossing (DBC) is Western Canada’s busiest land border crossing and is recognized as one of the most important gateways between Canada and the United States. Updated and redesigned to create a strong visual landmark as visitors and guests enter Canada, this crossing was designed to welcome travelers and encourage them to continue exploring the country. Inspired by the naturally rocky and rugged terrain of the area, the exterior features stone and wood accents along with natural foliage details.

Creating a safe and secure border crossing was paramount to our design, particularly in ensuring secure sight lines and overviews on site. A thorough threat assessment was conducted to understand where there may be possibilities of visual security leaks. We approached sight planning with a meticulous method to safeguard personnel. Special attention was given to the design of protected inspection booths and holding areas.

The DBC also incorporates sustainable design features such as an air handling system that emphasizes natural ventilation. Interiors were designed for transparency and double-height spaces allow natural light to flood in. Built with Silver LEED® certification features in mind, elements were incorporated to provide significant energy and water savings including geothermal heating and cooling, the use of recycled materials and the installation of solar panels.