Self-sustaining Design Through Circularity

Airport Master Plan

Project Photos

B+H helped to create a bold, nature-inspired airport master plan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The landscape vision for this project focused on circularity by building “patches” of unique experiences that are self-sustaining. Each of these patches celebrated the uniqueness of the assets, resources, waste streams and uses and then shared excess repurposed food, energy, and waste with other patches to create a circular economy.


The overall purpose of our design was to re-green the desert and to give life back to the origins of the name Riyadh – Arabic: الرياض‎,; romanized: ‘ar-Riyāḍ, – literally meaning “the Gardens”.

We focused on including design principles of harmony, new urbanism, traveller focus, inclusive place-making, circularity, inspiration, while celebrating the heritage and high-quality of public realms.