Eddie Wu is fascinated with what makes people tick. Through his work and endeavours outside of the office, he takes the time to understand every situation’s social context. He believes in taking actions that create change for individuals and within communities. Having been heavily involved in social work, had he not taken the route of landscape architecture and design, he would likely have been involved in efforts to support mental health and social welfare. Eddie has a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Every project has a distinctive story to uncover featuring a unique set of elements that will inform its end design and Eddie has the keen ability to hone in on those stories and get to the heart of the matter. Working collaboratively, he takes the time to identify the environmental, cultural, and economic contexts of each project to fuse those aspects with a client’s brand to uncover comprehensive design solutions. He believes in developing his skills through continuing education programs and recognizes that in a creative industry and a more environmentally conscious world, it’s vital to stay on top of changing demands and expectations.

The power of design is in helping people to live, work, play, and heal better through connections between people and spaces.

With just over 30 years of experience with large-scale master planning, site-specific landscape and urban design projects across the globe, Eddie joined B+H in 2011. He’s focused on the integration of sustainable design in a way that connects people to places and their communities through walkable cities. Eddie believes that functional and healthy communities strategically integrate landscape performance factors, landscape design, architecture, and aesthetic to deepen design coherence and connections.