Pepe Valle is a Project Architect & Associate in our Seattle studio whose passion for architecture is palpable. He thrives on the constant challenges that architecture provides, keeping him on his toes and pushing him to continue to grow. He is particularly fascinated by the impact of new technologies on the world, and finding ways to use them to improve the human experiences. While his job may be to help create spaces, he feels his responsibility is to use to grow communities in more positive ways. His love of people is so deep he cites them as one of his main sources of inspiration, along with music and his daughter.

This focus on human experience also makes Pepe an excellent team leader. He understands that every team is different, and works to understand the specific dynamics of each one he is a part of. He brings communication, respect, and transparency to every team he works with, and every project he works on. He is a believer in collaboration and its ability to produce the best solutions to the most complex of problems.