Most people spend the majority of their time at work and that’s precisely why Leslie Tuttle recognizes the huge impact she can make on people’s lives through a strategic and thoughtful approach to design. Specializing in workplace interiors, Leslie believes that great design isn’t about winning awards – it’s about changing how people work and making spaces as efficient, comfortable and as healthy as possible. Knowing that people are happier and in turn, more productive, in spaces that are designed to be inspiring and to encourage collaboration, Leslie will advocate for layouts that incorporate elements such as access to natural daylight and group spaces to connect.

When Leslie works with a client, she finds nothing more effective than observing how things are working (and not working) in their existing space. By gaining their trust through a true understanding of what they need and how she and her teams can help, Leslie maintains an honest dialogue throughout the design process to create real connections and lasting relationships. She thrives off collaboration and knowing that every day is different and every client has their own unique set of challenges.

As designers, we need to be constantly questioning how we can evolve to create unique spaces for people.

With almost 30 years of commercial interior design experience, Leslie joined the firm in 2011. Dedicated to delivering complete design solutions, she’s involved in all aspects of every project she works on. She understands that the best design work is the result of a fine balance between creativity and discipline and will deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces through workplace standards based on what clients truly need and what’s possible.